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About PTS - Free Live/Realtime Philippine Stocks Buy and Sell Trading Signals

Philippine Stock Trading Signal (PTS) provides FREE Live Realtime Philippine Stocks Buy and Sell Trading Signals services

PTS was created to provide more trading opportunities for everyone. PTS service is for people whose trading strategy involves






, not for long term traders. The stock buy and sell signals we provide are based on actual live/realtime volume of buy and sell taking place in Philippine Stock Exchange. This means that you will have an unfair advantage versus other investors because you will be able to predict the short term trend of the stock, either it is going SELL or BUY. PTS do not provide HOLD signal as there is no action that can be done to it.

Why not long term trading? The economy is very volatile due to calamities, problematic economic policy, conflict, etc.
Below are some examples why LONG TERM TRADING does not work.

Example 1: Bad Economic Policy
AIG - American International Group was a very huge and healthy insurance company having good fundamentals with offices operating throughout the world. But as I said, no company can last forever. On September 2008, the Lehman Brothers collapse happened and consequently AIG's stock value from peak of USD $17,500 fell sharply to $400 in just a few months. 98% of the stock value vanished.
2008 was a nightmare for all investors.

Example 2: Calamity
Tepco - Asia's biggest power company having solar, wind, coal, nuclear, geothermal power plants. When the Tsunami struck just one of its nuclear powerplant on March 11, 2011, 92% of the stock value vanished in just a couple of days.
Are you sure the company you are investing now can stand the tide?

Example 3: Bubble
Shanghai Index - The recent commotion is the Shanghai Index (dubbed as China Shock). As you can see in the chart below, the value more than doubled in just a year. But what goes up must come down. In just 3 months Shanghai Index lost more than 40% of its value. It took a year to get 100% but will only take a few days/months to wipe out that earnings


Disclaimer: All investments styles carry some level of risk. Making money from an investment is not guaranteed. Sometimes there are profits and sometimes there are losses.

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